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Patient Care Technician

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Course Description

Prepare Yourself For A Career That Matters

Patient Care Technician (PCT)  provides daily assistance to patients. You will help them with their basic needs and collaborate with medical professionals to achieve excellent patient care.

A PCT is a committed and compassionate professional. They have great interpersonal skills and ability to create a supportive environment. We expect you to be trained in patient care as well as various clinical tasks.

The goal is to facilitate the recovery of the ill and injured by providing them critical everyday assistance.

The responsibilities of a Patient Care Technician may include:

  • Keep patient rooms tidy and sanitized

  • Assist patient with everyday needs (personal hygiene, using the restroom, grooming etc.)

  • Monitor vital signs (temperature, pulse etc.) or EKG signals and patient condition

  • Take fluid samples or other specimens for testing

  • Assist nursing staff in administering basic treatments

  • Perform basic nursing procedures (e.g. changing bandages)

  • Ensure rooms have adequate patient care supplies

  • Assist patients with particular issues or needs

  • Provide appropriate emotional support

The Patient Care Technician course will provide students with training in a classroom and clinical atmosphere.  


The course is a comprehensive program designed to prepare students in patient healthcare to include phlebotomy, EKG, and patient care.  All areas of program concentration will prepare and make each student eligible for the National Exams including: Phlebotomy, EKG, and Patient Care Technician.  Students must provide Certified Nursing Assistant License or proof of 2 years of experience.

Schedule Options

  • 180 Class/Lecture Hours (120 hours of Lecture and 60 Lab hours)

  • 100 Externship Hours

  • Day Class: Monday - Friday 9-3pm (7.5 weeks)

  • Evening Class: Monday - Friday 5pm - 10pm (9 weeks)

  • Weekend Class: Saturday & Sundays 9am - 6pm (12.5 weeks)

Additional Information for the Class due by Orientation:

  • TB Screen (screen is valid within 2 years)

  • Drug Screen (within 1 month of enrollment)

  • Background Check (within 30 days of enrollment is valid)

  • CPR BLS/First Aid (must be a BLS Course and it cannot be taken online.  See administrative office for more details)

  • Copy of High School Diploma/ GED? Or equivalent

  • Hepatitis B Series Vaccination

  • Government issued photo Identification and Social Security Card

  • Updated Resume with school attendance included


Prepare students for an entry level position as an phlebotomy technician

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

Patient healthcare to include, phlebotomy, ekg, patient care, and medical assisting

(EKG) Technician

Prepare students for an entry level position as an electrocardiogram technician

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